I live in a world where Hall & Oates is cool again

Saturday morning I awoke with a terrible hangover. I reached  for 3 advils, a glass of water and a still had a mindful of regret. To calm my nerves, I turned on my TV to find the moviefilm “She’s Out of My League” on HBO. Oddly enough, one of the supporting characters was in a cover band. A Hall & Oates cover band. I listened to the guy singing “Everytime You Go Away”. 10 hours later, blessed iTunes allowed me to purchase said song. 10 hours and 2 minutes later, I realized “Hey! I’ve actually bought almost half of “The Essential Hall & Oates” off of blessed iTunes”.

As I sat there, bobbing my head to “Kiss on My List”, I realized….”Good God. It’s 2010 and John Oates and Daryl Hall are playing significant parts in my day”.

Look around you man. They are on a nationwide tour right now. (500) Days of Summer has an entire choreographed dance scene to “You Make My Dreams Come True”. Cool indie band The Bird and the Bee did an entire record of strictly Hall & Oates covers.

I wasn’t alive in the 70’s, but I was certainly alive in the 90’s when Hall & Oates was decidedly uncool. Now, much like thick rimmed glasses, electro-synth pop and cardigans, the pendulum has swung and Hall & Oates seems to have some credibility, ironic or otherwise. This is all fine with me – I’m the guy who bought “The Essential Hall & Oates” on his own recognizance. The guys can write a hit song, and who am I to hate on that.

Be wary my friends – we are about 22 years away from Train playing a significant part in your day.

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